ICS and ChiroHealthUSA Announce Safest Way to Offer Discounts to Patients!

ICS and ChiroHealthUSA Announce Safest Way to Offer Discounts to Patients!

Finally, a Safe Way to Provide Discounts for Cash, Underinsured and Medicare Patients: 

Illinois Chiropractic Society Announces Participation in ChiroHealthUSA State Association Program. 

Effective January 23, 2010, following a review of state filings with the Department of Insurance and consideration by the Illinois Chiropractic Society Board of Directors, the ICS agreed to participate in the ChiroHealthUSA State Association Pledge Program.”    

“Many of our doctors regularly inquire whether they may legally provide discounts to certain patients in their offices.  Although we advise against these types of programs where the doctor has not entered into a provider agreement with a licensed insurer or administrator, ChiroHealthUSA has put together a solution to enable doctors to give discounts for uninsured and underinsured patients in accordance with Illinois law. When attempting to navigate the world of health care discounts, ChiroHealthUSA deserves your consideration,” says Association director Marc Abla. 

Go to:

www.chirohealthusa.com and register for immediate access to provider materials and online training for implementing the program in your office.

ChiroHealthUSA’s Discount Medical Plan Organization Allows Illinois Chiropractors to Offer Legal Network Based Discounts to Patients

Brandon, MS, January 23, 2010 – ChiroHealthUSA, a provider-owned network designed with doctors and the chiropractic profession in mind, recently gained approval to operate its discount medical plan organization in the state.

Using the network model, participating providers are able to maintain UCR fees and still offer legal, network-based discounts to cash, underinsured and “out of network” patients who join the networkMembers covered by Medicare and other federal programs are eligible for discounts on all non-covered services. The network approach reduces the risks of compliance and OIG violations related to inducements, improper down coding, dual fee schedules and potentially inappropriate time of service discounts.

Patient membership is only $39.00 a year and includes legal dependents. Most patients save the joining fee on their first visit.

In a recent press release by the Florida Chiropractic Association, General Counsel Paul Lambert observed, “The ChiroHealthUSA discount card plan has passed legal muster by some of the most knowledgeable insurance lawyers of the National Association of Chiropractic Attorneys.”   

Provider Benefits Include:

  • No joining or credentialing fees.
  • Offer affordable “in-network” fees to cash, underinsured and out of network patients.
  • Offer Medicare & Federally insured patients legal discounts on non-covered services.
  • Maintain UCR charges and reimbursements when coverage is available.
  • Set and accept discounts you choose; discounts NOT dictated by a network.
  • The option to select a “capped” fee for new patients and other services.
  • Family Plan options allow additional discounts if you choose.
  • No potential of your contract being sold or subject to “silent PPO” activity.
  • No involvement with managed care organizations.
  • No long term contract and the ability to “opt-out” with 30 days notice.  
  • Participation supports your state association, the Congress of State Associations and the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress. 

Patient Benefits Include: 

  • No claims, forms or limits on the number  of visits
  • Memberships of $39.00 is for the year and covers legal dependents
  • Network discounts keep care affordable for the entire family
  • Optional dental and vision discounts are available with ChiroHealthUSAPlus!

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