Help Us, Help You!

Help Us, Help You!

If you have ever seen the movie Jerry Maguire, you could probably recall the quote “Help me, help you!” In the scene, Jerry Maguire needs his client Rod Tidwell, to help him so that Jerry can further help Rod obtain an NFL contract for the upcoming season.  Both sides must work together in order to win the big NFL contract.

This Jerry Maguire scene reminds us of what happens with our advocacy efforts. Each year the ICS works hard to promote and defend the value and importance of chiropractic care in Illinois. We spend countless hours educating policymakers and increasing chiropractic awareness among elected officials in Illinois. We advocate year-round on behalf of the chiropractic profession, your profession.

However, we cannot do it alone. Our doctors assist our advocacy in multiple ways by meeting with legislators, responding to our action alerts, and donating to the IL Chiro PAC.

The IL Chiro PAC allows us to enhance our advocacy efforts further.  We have been able to thank those elected officials who have supported and defended chiropractic in Illinois.  Also, the IL Chiro PAC allows us to educate policymakers and increase chiropractic awareness by sponsoring events with legislators.

We Need You!

To continue to enhance our advocacy efforts, we need donors like you. The ILChiro PAC is funded by donations from chiropractic physicians throughout the State of Illinois.  You and your colleagues’ contributions and support make our efforts possible. Help us Help you.

Throughout the year, we have been grateful to those that have helped us, help you. Therefore, we would like to say THANK YOU to our generous donors.  Without their continued contributions, our efforts would not be possible.

We recognize those that have contributed in 2018:

Crusader Level ($1,200 +)

Dr. Erin Ducat

Dr. Marc Strongin

Champion Level ($600+)

Dr. Matthew Chenault

Dr. Tana Frisina

Dr. Jason Godo

Dr. John Hancock

Dr. Thomas Koehler

Dr. Jack Sharratt

Dr. Sheila Woodrow

Advocate Level (360+)

Dr. Timothy Bertelsman

Dr. Julie Bird

Dr. Clint Jackson

Dr. Douglas Matzner

Dr. Dianna Welty

Dr. Mark Wiegand

Ally Level (200+)

Dr. Renold Bleem

Dr. Eric Carson

Dr. Timothy Erickson

Dr. Kevin Moore

Dr. Clare Ollayos

Dr. Vijay Patel

Dr. Cynthia Quiram

Dr. Joseph Riggio

Dr. Jason Sterchi

Dr. Barbara Swalve Everett

Dr. Mark Wade

Dr. David Weber

We would also like to congratulate our recent raffle prize winners announced at the 2018 ICS Chicago National Convention:

Go Pro Hero 6 Camera Set: Dr. Barbara Swalve Everett

Framed Governor’s Proclamation: Dr. Marc Strongin

It is never too late to donate to the ILChiro PAC, and no donation is too small.  We ask that you contribute today and help us, help you!

Please note: Illinois Chiropractic Society Political Action Committee (ILChiro PAC) contributions are reported to the State Board of Elections. A copy of our report filed with the State Board of Elections is (or will be) available on the Board’s official website ( or for purchase from the State Board of Elections, Springfield, Illinois. Contributions to the ILChiro PAC are not deductible for federal or state income tax purposes.

About Author

Lindsay Wagahoff, MA

Lindsay joined the ICS in 2017 as our Director of Governmental Relations. In addition to her Masters in Political Science, Lindsay has served on staff with the Office of the House Republican Leader as a legislative analyst. Also, she staffed the Human Services Committee (which handles Medicaid), as well as, the appropriations committee for Human Services. Prior to serving in this capacity, Lindsay was the Executive Director of the Montgomery County Economic Development Corporation, and brings a full understanding of member relations. Her friendly and bright demeanor and tenacious attitude allows the Illinois Chiropractic Society to maintain positive health care relationships and advance the chiropractic profession both at the Capitol and with regulatory bodies.

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