Five Simple Ways to Promote Your Practice

Five Simple Ways to Promote Your Practice

Five Simple Ways to Promote Your Practice

There are multiple ways to promote your practice. You just need to figure out what works best for you.

Here are a few ideas that will help inspire you to market your practice while becoming more active in your community. Pick quality over quantity, and your events will be memorable for everyone involved.

The short list:

Nothing’s finer than Face Time:

Schedule special events where patients can meet and talk to you. Use the time to promote various aspects of chiropractic and the benefits of natural first health care.

Host Local Leaders:

Provide your legislators and community leaders with an invaluable view of the role of chiropractic care. In addition, make sure they talk to a patient who has benefitted from your care, and that they are able to see your office.

Healthy Lessons for Lunch:

Ask local businesses if you can come in during employee lunch hours and make presentations about the benefits of chiropractic and answer any related questions.

Clarify Medicare and Medicaid for Seniors:

Set aside time each week/month to answer questions about Medicare and Medicaid chiropractic coverage for local seniors. Use the questions and your knowledge for a local newspaper column or call-in radio show. Contact your local Agency on Aging, Department of Aging, and Department of Health (Senior and Disability Services) and offer to assist their clients in answering their health care questions.

Create a Social Media Challenge:

Establish a goal of organizing and understanding various techniques and health issues. Activities can include:

  • A tip a day delivered through social media
  • Reminders to for regular check-ups and adjustments
  • An exercise day a week, with reminders
  • Links to articles and research
  • Lead discussions on how patients stay healthy from various injuries and afflictions
  • A blog for the month with articles, links and interviews, using technology and smart phones, etc.

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