Masks, Distancing, and Patient Screening

Masks, Distancing, and Patient Screening

Last week, the CDC issued new COVID-19 guidance for fully vaccinated people, removing the requirement for masks in most settings. However, there were several exceptions, including public transportation, congregant settings, and healthcare settings. Illinois and many communities began to shift mask requirements, executive orders, and ordinances. Of course, these changes have generated questions from doctors around Illinois. For a video that may answer some of those questions, click here.

The new CDC guidance (“not intended for healthcare settings”) and the new state requirements (“All individuals, including those who are fully vaccinated, shall be required to wear a face covering consistent with CDC guidance […] in healthcare settings”) both exclude healthcare settings from the changes. This means that chiropractic physicians should continue to require doctors, staff, AND patients to wear masks within the office. If patients inquire about the continued requirement considering the CDC changes, remind patients that the changes exclude healthcare settings.


Additionally, we regularly receive calls about patient and staff screening requirements. In short, there are no current CDC[i] [ii] [iii]  or Illinois changes to the screening requirements for healthcare settings.  Please continue to screen patients when they enter (screening form and temperature checks). Additionally, remember to also screen staff at the beginning of their shift.

Lastly, because the new CDC guidance excludes healthcare settings, chiropractic physician practices should continue to practice social distancing with both staff and patients.

In summary:

  • Continue to require masks for patients, doctors, and staff.
  • Continue to practice social distancing for patients and staff.
  • Continue to screen both patients, doctors, and staff upon entering your office.




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